Tasting Notes: 2003 Cave de Tain L’Hermitage Cornas

Posted on March 27, 2008


VINTAGES 972117 | 750 mL bottle
Price: $ 35.65

Dark ruby colour in the glass.  The nose is pretty tight pre-swirl – I smell a little cherry, a little spice (nutmeg maybe?). A couple of swirls in the glass opens up a sensuous set of dark cherry, some cardamom, pepper, hint of nutmeg, and some aromas that make me think of fresh, raw, red meat.  This is a smoking sultry date on a cold winter night.

When I can finally manage to rip my nose away from the glass and taste it, I’m treated to a big, beautiful, refreshing syrah. She seduces my palate with red cherry, dark plum and blackberry; I beg her for more and get warm spice cake, and a whiff white pepper.  Then she calls me a bad boy and spanks me with tannic structure. This is an elegant, well balanced, mouth filling wine.

Long, well balanced finish that starts with dark cherry, ripe dark plum and a hint of raspberry. Just when I thought she’s done with me, a spicy warmth shows up in my mid palate, and I’m getting the spice cake again with some plum peelings and a tickle of blueberry.

If you’ve only had big Aussie or California Shiraz/Syrah, pick one of these up to understand what the old world has to offer.  91 pts.

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