My First Oregon Pinot

Posted on March 29, 2008


VINTAGES 64808 | 750 mL bottle
Price: $ 29.70

I’ve learned to love pinot, and no it has nothing to do with the movie sideways.  There is an astounding complexity to pinots that I’m really learning to appreciate.  That being said, my entire exposure to pinot noir has been Niagara region pinots.  I thought I would try out an Oregon pinot noir that I found at my local LCBO. 

This wine is a beautiful beautiful brilliant dark guarnet colour, with a coppery sheen to it.  It smells like  strawberry rhubarb pie, with dark cherries, with some vanilla bean and dried mint thrown into it. There’s an earthy note I can’t pin down adds a real depth that I am totally digging – like a freshly cut white mushroom.  I didn’t expect the weight of this wine.  It seems a bit hollow up front, but wow everything but the tip of my tongue is coated in ripe plum flavour (the meat of the plum right next to the skin). This is all over my mid palate, but the rest of my mouth is really left begging for more. Nice finish – really nice finish. Plum and rhubarb up front, some black pepper comes in next. Some spice cake components end the finish, just a pleasant reminder of the 12.5% alcohol. Great acidity, this is a well balanced wine.

After 45 mins in the decanter: It’s amazing how the aromatics have changed in this little time. Now I’m thinking cherry pie filling when I smell it. There’s still a freshness to the nose, a hint of clove. Flavour profile is the same, I really dig the purity of the flavours in this wine, and the length of the finish. 89 pts.

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