San Fran Chardonnay

Posted on April 5, 2008


VINTAGES 603829 | 750 mL bottle
Price: $ 44.65

This is Chardonnay has climbed in price since the 01 vintage that was available at the LCBO.  It continues to climb in popularity ’cause it’s so darn good!  Tasting notes below from the 01.

colour: golden straw yellow.
on the nose: hint of lemon rind, lots of toasted almonds, and some rustic aromas – barnyardy kind of stuff that really has me intrigued. this is a very interesting nose. some honey here if I dig really deep, and some tertiary floral notes.
in the mouth: it starts with a rich creamy texture. heavy velvet that flows across you palate. toasted almonds come first, followed by some baguette crust for a second. then comes an explosion of honey candied lemon rind, dried apricot, some other citrus notes, almost tangerine-like – beautiful, honeyed and great. Definite minerality here – I’m thinking the tail end of water fresh from a creek. There’s a creamy-ness here that is almost over the top, but the acidity cuts this richness just at the right point. The finish is great, I still have lemon rind and lime zest with some honey, tangerines and toast coasting on my palate. Really great. Bottle says under 14% alcohol, there’s just enough heat here to notice. this is a great chardonnay.

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