A CaliCab to love and squeeze and hug George

Posted on April 6, 2008


VINTAGES 38554 | 750 mL bottle
Price: $ 63.45

Over 60 dollars is a lot to pay for a wine.  I have to say, this is a lot of wine.  If you have the money to spend, or you’re looking for something special, this is a good choice, and available in many LCBOs. 

Tasting notes:

bouquet: right out of the bottle a heavy cedar aroma on the nose. a swirl reveals some dark cherry, but mostly cedar and some tobacco. I also get an almost pine sol-ee kind of smell, with raspberry jam underneath it. It’s a cleanup in aisle 3, please – mopping up raspberry jam with pine sol, with a cedar handle mop.
in the mouth: Really nice, polished mouthfeel – just shy of silk, great weight. The flavours are just awesome here. Some great acidity that’s puckering my mouth, and the tannins aren’t overwhelming at all this wine is drinking great right now. Cassis, dark cherry, raspberry jam, some blueberry. Some of the pine sol taste as well, and a nice long integrated finish. finally I get some of that sweet bitter tannin on the very end of the finish. awesome. 92 pts.

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