Chardonnay: The Neglected Friend

Posted on April 14, 2008


Chardonnay has gotten a bad rap.  It started for us in North America when California started to grow obscene amounts of the stuff.  Chard was very popular at the time, and so massive volumes of straw coloured swill flooded the market.  There was some good stuff, oh yes, but unfortunately for consumers there was also a good deal of just ok wine.  Choosing between these two proved to be very difficult, and so Chardonnay fell out of favour.  Fast forward 10-20 years, and this wine is like the neglected friend you haven’t talked to in years.  Get back in touch, say hi and remember all the reasons you were friends in the first place.  They’re all there, and the friend has grown up a little in the meantime which means there may be qualities you weren’t aware of before!

Ok, so forget the cheesy metaphor – the point is, it’s a great time to be a chardonnay fan.  Because it isn’t all the rage right now, there are a number of great QPRs.  I see bottles of fine chardonnay from australia, new zealand, california, and yes Ontario sitting on LCBO shelves that continue to drop in price as the dust on the bottle thickens (don’t you normally have to pay a premium for that dust?!?). This week I’m going to present tasting notes from 4 chardonnays available here in Ontario, and hopefully present some value opportunities for folks here to pick up some good juice at good prices.

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