Old Vine Chablis

Posted on April 16, 2008


VINTAGES 942243 | 750 mL bottle
Price: $ 21.80

colour: dried straw on a summer day
on the nose: this is a cheeky nose – she saunters up to you all lemon peel, slaps you in the face with grass, smirks and walks away with a fistful of dandelions, walking on snails.
on the palate: This wine has a pleasant weight in the mouth; it feels nice when I take a sip. Very odd, it feels medium bodied, but I really can’t pick out many flavours at first – then the acidity storms in and brings some fruity friends Lemon rind, green apple peel, and a minerality that is hard to define. The finish is long. Really long. Probably the longest finish on a chardonnay I’ve ever had. All lemon peel, lime zest and chewable vitamins to start, then some cool toasted bread crust and a slightly fruity component I can’t quite identify (almost banana peel-ee?!)at the end.

This is not my cup of tea, but I can recognize a that lot of care went into this wine. Very interesting and VERY different from the other Chards I’ve had so far. I am fairly certain I would recognize this blind as a chardonnay from the lemon peel and mineral components, but it is DRASTICALLY different from anything I’ve had. It lacked a certain amount of approachable fruit for me, but I would sit down with some friends that are into wine and ponder over it for awhile. Nice complexity for the price, great experience!

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