05 Malivoire Pinot Noir (revisited)

Posted on April 30, 2008


I posted some older tasting notes on this one last week, but today I decided to pop one I still had in my cellar.  After experiencing Oregon for a week, my perception of pinot noir has changed drastically.  A few months in the bottle has changed this wine too.  Here are my updating tasting notes:

2005 Malivoir Estate Pinot Noir

With a deep brick red colour, the aromas lept at me from my Riedel Sommelier Grand Cru Burgundy glass.  I inhaled vibrant red cherry, baked strawberry, ripe raspberry, vanilla, cinnamon stick and clove.  There is a floral note to this one that smells like the drive through Niagara on the Lake I recently took – the cherry blossoms were all out and the air was perfumed.  That’s what I got here.  This is a beautiful nose!  When I take a sip, the mouthfeel I notice first – viscous and elegant.  Red cherry explodes in my mouth and I notice the great structure here – nice soft tannins and great acidity keeping the whole thing in balance.  The cherry comes with raspberry, strawberry and rhubarb plus just a hint of cracked pepper and a little earthiness that is extremely pleasant.  The finish is long and luxurious, with the cherry and raspberry really speaking to my palate.  When the dark chocolate notes whisper sweet nothings to my palate and bring a little bit of minerality with them, it’s time for a cigarette.  Great effort from Malivoire, I am extremely happy I have one more of these in my cellar and I can’t wait to see the 07s!  92pts

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