Another Malivoire – 05 Cabernet Merlot

Posted on May 29, 2008


If you’ve been reading my tasting notes enough, you have probably noticed that I’m a little partial to Malivoire wines.  I don’t know what it is, but they speak to me.  Well built, excellent quality, decent value, and a great expression of the varietals they produce.  I think the geek in me loves that the winemaker shares the intimate details of how the wine was made both on the label and on the website.  Very cool.  I purchased 4 of these cabernet franc/merlot blends much earlier this year, when the snow was still on the ground.   I managed to last this long without opening one, because I had a sneaky suspicion that I would be in for a treat.  I wasn’t wrong.

The nose here is an intriguing combination of the varietals involved in the blending – I get forest floor, asparagus tips, some tomato-ness, coffee and hints of hot strawberry jam on toast with butter.  Little spice, and floral notes.  Ha now that’s a nose.  Very interesting.  When I take a sip, I get a great velvety feel and a nice mix of savoury herbacious and ripe fruit.  What I notice is the nice structure med tannins, med acidity.  Decent finish, nice minerality here that I wasn’t expecting, but comes to me on the finish.  Tart raspberries and some green-ness I can’t identify, plus some blueberry notes that are really nice.  The blueberry-ness follows through the midpalate, and the finish is blueberry, more tart raspberry, and some spiciness.  Overall, great wine.  Paired great with my marinated bbq’d steak lightly brushed with bbq sauce, steamed broccoli with cheesy white sauce and green beans. 88pts.

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