malbec for the weekend

Posted on March 20, 2009


So I haven’t spent enough time with Malbec.  Everytime I open a bottle I’m surprised by how much I enjoy it. Malbec is found in Bordeaux blends, southwest France, and is becoming extremely well known as a notable variety in Argentina.


VINTAGES 79293 | 750 mL bottle

I see a beautiful shining ruby red colour with a hint of purple.  On the nose I get cedar and black licorice first, followed by dark ripe bruised cherries and a hint of chocolate.  Luxurious in the mouth at first, and the tannins burst in quickly and roughly.  I love the acidity, it’s making my mouth water a little.  I can’t even tell there’s 14% alcohol!!  There’s a burst of fruit flavour.  The cherry is still here, plus blackberries, a hint of something blue – like blueberry only not quite – licorice and some dark chocolate.  There is also some spiciness I’m really digging.  Gingery-nutmeg-ee.  The finish isn’t long, but really pleasant.  A little spicy, a little cherry action.  I dig this wine.  The best part is the price – 17 bones.  Pick a bottle up at your local LCBO, it’s tasty, it’s well priced.

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