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get your Rock on

July 9, 2009


I am really into many of the wines Flat Rock produces, their pinot noirs have panache! Tonight I was hunting for a white wine with charisma and flare. Riesling is one of my all time farvourite white wines, I am hoping that Marlize and the team will not late my palate down! Nadja's Vineyard is a small block in front of the winery, that tends to get more winds and stay cooler, so I'm expecting some ripping acidity.

one of wine’s best kept secrets

March 6, 2009


Without fail, this is the varietal that gets the most knowing smiles when I talk to sommeliers, restauranteurs and other wine connoisseurs. The conversation usually ends with a wink and a smile, finger pressed to lips. They don't want the secret to get out - aromatics, complex flavour profiles, lengthy beautiful finishes AND built to age, all for under 20 bucks? It's one of wine's best kept secrets.

Sunshine from Sonoma

February 20, 2009


There is a lot of oak in this glass, but I think it's not over used. This clocks in at 15% alcohol, and it's there this isn't a wine for the faint of heart. This ain't no fragile pinot this is a big strappin' wine.

The Promis of Tomorrow

February 16, 2009


I was on the hunt for something italian - my bolognese sauce has an almost sweet savoriness to it, definitely rich and lots of tomato so acids are pretty high. I was thinking a barbera, but wasn't sure what I would find at the LCBO.

Deep Dive on Acidity

February 10, 2009


thought I would dive into one of the big mysterious elements of wine structure for me: Acidity. I often hear it associated with "freshness" and "liveliness" or "refreshing qualities" - that doesn't work so well for me. I want to get into it a little more, understand it technically.

On a Rholl

February 1, 2009


I don’t know if it’s the LCBO or my palate, but for some reason the Rhone has really been workin for me the last few weeks.  This week, I picked up an offering from this week’s vintages release.  Lirac is on the west bank of the Rhone river right across from Chateauneuf-du-Pape. Soils are composed […]

Southern Rhone, tasty

January 28, 2009


Some notes on Southern Rhone, and a nice offering from Vacqueyras for a decent price!