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food and wine pairings part I – matching flavour profile

March 27, 2009


howdy folks.  I thought this week I’d add a couple of words on the topic of food and wine pairings.  Rather than dive into the complexities of food and wine matching, I want to provide some general guidelines that will help you decide on a bottle the next time you’re in the LCBO, thinking about […]

Deep Dive on Acidity

February 10, 2009


thought I would dive into one of the big mysterious elements of wine structure for me: Acidity. I often hear it associated with "freshness" and "liveliness" or "refreshing qualities" - that doesn't work so well for me. I want to get into it a little more, understand it technically.

LCBO Winners Under 20 Bones

March 26, 2008


This has become a new pastime for me – visit the LCBO and dare to purchase something in the 10-20 dollar range that is really great.  Trust me, there are some out there – whether you are a seasoned veteran of the wine world, or a new quaffer, check out these available at your local […]

Wine Tasting for the Rest of Us

March 26, 2008


This is a quick overview of wine tasting, a concise look at terminology, and the basics of tasting wine. You know all those wine reviews, all the notes you read when you’re in the wine store that you think back to when you’re tasting a wine?  Toss ’em out the window.  Until you’ve smelled and […]